Recommended English learning sites

For listening & reading
The sites below offer lots of interesting English listening activities with scripts and related exercises .

BBC world service - Watch and listen! There is plenty to do on this site-- business English, grammar, music and more!

ESL Lab - A variety of listening activities in "everyday"  American English. Some of the dialogues are quite amusing!

Voa Special English- Radio and TV broadcasts with transcripts in easy to understand English.

For grammar (and more)
These sites give an overview of English grammar with explanations in German and provide practice activities.

Ego4u -  Plenty of exercises under "Grammatik" and some of the other activities are useful too.   Try out the correspondence generator in the business section!

Englisch-Lehrbuch - Besides grammar, there's a nice literature section with audio.

For books and more

Want a book, have a look!  You can also download the files so you don't need to be online the whole time.

Project Gutenberg - the original free digital library of books no longer in print.  There are many classics here along with audio stories to download as MP3 files.

For presentations and rhetoric

Some tips and inspiration

Presentationhelper - loaded with useful information and tips  for presentations.

American Rhetoric - a neat site featuring a wide range of inspiring speeches from Washington D.C. to Hollywood!  Listen to Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech!

Other sites worth a look

These sites are well-stocked. Try exploring them when you have time

English club - loaded with information and activities.  There's plenty of Business English and links to even more EFL pages.
English Activities - grammar, quizzes, vocabulary, crossword puzzles.
Biz/Ed - learn about various aspects of  business while improving your English!  Use the "quick jump" box in the left hand corner.
Dave's ESL Cafe - one of the first ESL sites on the web.  Go to one of the student forums and connect with English learners from around the world.